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Benefits of Leasing

Having the right Equipment, in ready condition, is vital to Contractors and their operations. But this Equipment often comes with significant up-front costs and requirements extending to maintenance, repairs, asset management, accounting and tax considerations, and more. When you need to upgrade or purchase new equipment, consider a Lease to avoid these costs and risks, and gain access to new, reliable Equipment that gets the job done.

Reduce Up-front Cost

Paying for Equipment up-front can be costly. Leasing creates a simple, low, monthly payment so that “Sticker Price” is far less of a barrier and contractors can maintain their working capital.

Reduce Cost of Ownership

Long-term costs associated with Equipment can start with maintenance and extend to repairs, asset management, accounting systems, and more. Leasing removes these ownership burdens and we partner with Manufacturers to help with these costs.

Reduce Tax Burdens

Delegate the requirements of ownership related to Accounting, Taxes, and Compliance.

Increased Up Time

With fleet management, newer equipment and proper service, North Star Capital enables contractors to operate without the worry of lost up time.

Increased Level of Service

By partnering with manufacturers for extended warranties and ongoing support, North Star Capital ensures that the Contractor maintains a lower level of risk associated with equipment issues.

Increased Tax Savings

Deduct up to 100% of your Lease payments.

Payment Estimator

Curious about your monthly payment? Use the calculator below to get an estimate on your monthly payment.*

Your payment could be as low as: $0 per month

*Disclaimer: This Payment Estimator is meant for estimation purposes only and does not create or constitute a final or binding quote, and does not create or constitute any contractual or legal obligation to any party by North Star Capital. The estimation assumes the applicant or user is qualified for financing under the North Star Capital terms and conditions including, but not limited to excellent credit history. If you qualify for financing, the final terms will be agreed upon between the applicant and North Star Capital.

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