Benefits of Leasing

Having the right equipment in ready condition is critical for Contractors and their operations. But new equipment comes with significant up-front costs and later on extends to maintenance and repairs, accounting and tax considerations, and more. When you need to upgrade or purchase new equipment, consider a Lease to avoid some of these costs and risks, and gain access to new, reliable equipment that gets the job done.

Leasing vs. Buying

It's simple. Paying for equipment up-front can be costly. Leases allow for a simple, low monthly payment so that “Sticker Price” is far less of a barrier and contractors can hold on to their cash in the bank. 

Leasing vs. Loans

Traditional financing (loans) break up the purchase price into monthly payments with interest. Leasing gives you even lower monthly payments by giving Contractors the benefit of a future residual value. In addition, North Star Capital partners with Allen Engineering Corporation to offer additional benefits such as extended warranties, telematics, and more.

Reduce Cost of Ownership

The highest costs associated with ownership typically start as equipment gets older.  Leasing is designed to lower these burdens by replacing old equipment every 3-4 years and partnering with the manufacturer and Authorized Service Centers to help lower costs during the lease term.

Increased Up Time

With North Star Capital's Fleet Management Program, Contractors can utilize the latest Allen models and access extended warranties to operate without the worry of lost up time.

Increased Level of Service

In addition to your local dealer, North Star Capital offers a direct line back to the Manufacturer (Allen Engineering) for warranty claims, servicing,  customer support, and more.

Reduce Tax Burdens

Leasing eliminates numerous requirements of ownership related to Accounting, Taxes, and Compliance. In addition, leasing often allows contractors to deduct up to 100% of their lease payments. Consult your tax advisor for more information.