Meet Our Team

We pride ourselves on being a small business with a personal touch.

Drew Allert

Owner, Director

Drew is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of North Star Capital. He has a long history of launching small companies and has been in finance and corporate development roles throughout his career. He also has a history in the landscaping industry, spending over 10 years running a small landscaping company in Austin, Texas. Drew is responsible for the business and financial operations at North Star Capital

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Casey Vaughan

Business Development Specialist

Casey has a knack for people and relationships which makes him ideal to lead Business Development for North Star Capital. With three years of experience as a Director of Sales & Fundraising for a large university, Casey will provide the face-to-face communication for our customers. His impact will be made by traveling to our dealers and contractors to support their businesses and promote leasing and financing opportunities.

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Brad Kurnick

Sales and Operations Associate

Brad has a passion for connecting with people and making them feel appreciated and understood. These interpersonal skills are key for his role in sales and operations. Coming from a background in a non-profit and car sales, it has given him an ability to form relationships and communicate effectively. Brad works with dealers and contractors to provide an elevated customer experience while promoting leasing and financing.

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