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AT14F Track Buggy

The AT14F rubber track buggy is a rugged and compact machine that will haul and dump any bulk material. This machine comes equipped with simple intuitive controls, a 20 hp engine, and a 14 cubic foot poly bucket. It is a perfect fit for concrete workers, landscapers, contractors or anyone else who needs to haul or dump material on a regular basis.

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AT14S Track Buggy

The AT14S rubber track concrete buggy delivers excellent performance and precise maneuverability. Equipped with a 90-degree dump angle and 180-degree pivoting dump, this buggy can place your material exactly where you need it.


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The redesigned MSP455 is Allen's newest power steering model in the popular MSP Series. The powerful gas EFI engine, super heavy-duty gearboxes and spiders provide a great weight-to-horsepower performer for larger contractors.


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With never before seen features like the heads-up display, the newly designed seat frame for better visibility, and the built-in ‘Intelli-Power’ system, the HDX780 riding trowel truly stands alone in the industry. This machine uses these new features to ensure maximum performance from its Bosch-Rexroth hydraulic components but also increases its lifetime. The HDX780 will be available in a standard rotation or counter rotation.

  AVAILABLE Q1 2023  

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