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Scenarios and FAQs

I have a Contractor looking to Lease. What's next?

Simple! Provide them our application here and we'll take it from there. If the Contractor is approved, North Star will purchase the equipment from you directly, set up a Lease with the Contractor, and have them pick up or deliver the Equipment normally. If you would like to join for our Dealer Program to access Dealer benefits including incentives, white-label applications, and more, please reach out so we can get you set up.

I have a Contractor looking to Lease, But I don't have the Equipment in Stock

There are several ways to expedite Equipment for your customer through North Star Capital:

  1. We can work with Allen Engineering's team to locate or order the Equipment needed. Allen will invoice you normally and North Star will then purchase the equipment from you, in order to lease to the Contractor. This way, the normal sales cycle is unaffected. The best part is, we provide cash payments to you, which in turn may remove any extended terms with Allen, and in some cases, can result in a cash discount.
  2. As North Star Capital grows its Dealer Network, we have greater access to Inventory across the nation. We often ship equipment from one Dealer Partner to the other, creating two sales for our partners and meeting the Contractor's needs at the same time. We are able to negotiate and control the price in order to get the deal done.
  3. Often times, North Star Capital has equipment in stock and can simply set up the lease for your Contractor. This is often the simplest route for all parties. We offer incentive bonuses for Dealers who refer Contractors to us.
What Materials are Available to me as a Dealer Partner?

We love to supply our Dealer Partners with materials that help them move Equipment. Here are a few that we offer today:

  1. Hang tags to display a monthly payment through NSC
  2. Paper and Electronic Applications with your Logo (optional)
  3. Marketing Materials including brochures, presentations, and more
How does Leasing affect our current Sales Cycle?

In almost all cases, your normal sales process is unchanged. If you have equipment in stock, you will simply sell it directly to us at the price agreed upon with the Contractor. This means that your sales team, if paid on commission, does not have to change anything. We will take the equipment and set up a lease with the Contractor.

I have a Contractor who wants to Finance instead of Lease

While we specialize in Leases, we partner with multiple Financiers with competitive rates. We can work with the Contractor directly to submit an application for Financing. We do not offer incentives for traditional financing, but we do try and make the process simple so that you can move Equipment efficiently.

Do I have to be a Certified Partner to be able to offer Leases through NSC?

No! Joining our Dealer network as an official partner is entirely optional. We are happy to send you our standard materials if it helps you move Equipment out the door. Just reach out and let us know if this is something we can help with. If you have questions about the value of the Dealer program, please let us know!

Our Offerings for Contractors

Equipment Leasing

Simple, effective financing solutions for the end user. Contractors can benefit directly from our high-residual operating leases and other financing structures to defer costs, tax liabilities, and more.

Fleet Management

The latest equipment every 36-48 months while paying a simple monthly payment. Every lease comes with an extended warranty through the manufacturer, to ensure the equipment is always ready to go.


North Star Capital partners with different financiers to offer competitive rates for traditional financing on equipment. If you would like to inquire about a Loan instead of a Lease, please email us using the link below:

Extended Manufacturer's Warranty

Every lease includes an extended warranty from the OEM. All covered repairs will be serviced by Authorized Service Centers or by Allen Engineering

‚ÄčIntroducing Equipment Telematics 
for Rental Centers

Interested in a Lease-to-Rent Option? We partner with leading telematics provider EquipmentShare to offer the most advanced fleet tracking and telematics solutions in the industry, and because we have a shared interest in the equipment, we offer access to the T3 Platform for all equipment under lease. This allows you to monitor any equipment under Lease and manage your fleet more effectively.

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